The best decision that I’ve ever made in my life!

I decided to tell my love story because that became possible only due to the dating platform. When recollecting me personal story before the registration, I can say that didn’t have troubles with girlfriends, though long-term relations were problematical for me. After couple of unhappy relations, I made up my mind to find another variant of meeting girls. And for me this variant was

The main reason for my registration on the site was the seriousness of women’s intentions in terms of relations. I reviewed the site and it insisted on the registration of only motivated women with a strong desire to find life partner.

I signed up on this platform in June. To be honest, I didn’t have any strong believes according the possibility of finding meaningful relations. I started chatting with several members at a time and in two weeks, I had more understanding of women’s phycology than I had after years of dating real women. It seemed to me like online communication was more sincere. You don’t have any boundaries, you don’t know this user in person and maybe you will never meet him in real life. So, this creates a relaxed atmosphere of sharing and honesty.

As I liked lots of women from find-bride-scam, I began initiating our real dates. Unfortunately, I received refusal after refusal and couldn’t understand the reason. Only Yulia agreed to have a real meeting, so we discussed the date, our plans and period for which I would stay in Ukraine. Almost before my flight, Yulia asked me to send a photo. From that moment everything became evident, I forgot to upload pictures in my profile; that’s why so many women refused. Maybe they thought that I was a scammer. Frankly speaking, I don’t know!

I was glad that only Yulia agreed, because then she got interested in my personality and also she believed me. The last point is really important for my case. If other women didn’t ask to send the photos then it was just useless communication.

Our meeting was unforgettable, we noticed each other from a huge distance. I approached her without even mentioning my name, I just greeted her and we took a walk. This moment was so decisive in our lives, because if we had another reaction then it would have other results. So, we spent fantastic weekend together and I returned back home.

After such a decisive meeting in my life, I met really important person for me. Of course, we couldn’t say that we have an ideal example of relations, because of some misunderstanding and quarrels as everybody else have. Nevertheless, we are trying to understand each other more and appreciate everything that we have in our lives right now.

When returning to our story, I would like to mention that we had married a month ago and now we are really happy and planning to have kids. Looking back on everything I experienced, I am so grateful for this possibility to find my beloved person online. Hope everybody can experience such strong emotions as well! So, don’t waste your time and try to find your love, because you deserve this emotion.