Love story and my love story

To begin with, I don’t like sharing my personal information with other people. But my experience on has pushed me to new life perspectives and I totally have change my mind towards this question. Today more and more people are using online dating as a form of acquaintance and communication, the same relates to me. I consider modern technologies the best possible way to find a girlfriend.

My story began from the registration on Of course, I used two dating websites before, it was several years ago. Frankly speaking, at that time I wasn’t determined enough and because of this I didn’t have real dates. Maybe that thing was the main bounder for me between serious relations and my decisiveness.

So, when I started signing up on, I had a plan and decided to follow it, in any way. There were mostly Ukrainian and Russian girls on the site and I was aware of this. When comparing Slavic women to the others, I would definitely choose a Slavic woman.

As for my preferences, I had a vivid understanding of the character-trades of my future girlfriend and her appearance. I had so many criteria, but to be honest I didn’t expect to find them in one person. Immediately after creating my account, I was surfing for my ideal lady and at the same time I was chatting with others. Friendly atmosphere and support was almost in every chat with every woman. Despite of the huge number of pretty women I communicated with, I continued my process of search.

After two months of the registration, I met Lena. I couldn’t believe my eyes, that such a beauty replied me and she was as from my imagination. At some point, I even thought – maybe it was a faked account, because none of this could be possible. In a couple a couple of days, I got used to this understanding of our communication and calmed down a little bit.

Lena understood me from every word and we became so close to each other. In a week, she even told me that at first, my activeness frightened her a bit, but at that point she got used and even liked it. Our communication became more and more serious and that was cool.

After our online communication, we had three real days and now we are at the stage of holiday planning. We want to fly somewhere together for two weeks, and we are dealing with some organizational moments right now. Hope to spend a romantic vacation with Lena and I have one surprise for her.

When looking back on my experience on this dating website, I can say that I am pleased with it. I got acquainted with interesting people on this platform and I met my love there. So, I can mention only positive things about That’s why, if you are reading this story and your purpose is to find some real users and review their experience, you are definitely at the right webpage. I can recommend this resource to all the people who are searching for meaningful long-term relations.