Privacy policy

Every website has peculiar privacy rules and find-bride isn’t an exception. That’s why, it is highly recommended to review all the rules and privacy policy before the registration on any resource.

Not all internet users know, but personal info may be gathered by the site’s administration without even notification you as a visitor or the site’s member. To be aware of everything you should better read such this important article.

1. What kind of data is collected about the find-bride’s user?

When visiting this dating platform, you are immediately sharing the information about your ID number, and the country of your location.

Other data is filled in by every your individually. For instance, during the registration you mention such info as: valid email address, name, birth info and your real address.

Also, you can add some additional information: your phone number, additional email or any other.

nd don’t forget that you are also sharing your data with other site’s members when you fill in your profile and upload your photos.

All these mentioned data is used only internally and it will not be shared with anybody outside this platform. It is guaranteed by the administration of this dating website.

2. Why such kind of data is collected?

Contact information is gathered for immediate online notification of the site’s members. Every member agrees to receive these messages during the process of registration. In case you are against this function, you can easily switch it off just by contacting a support service.

OIn term of any sort of emergency, site’s administration may contact you via your phone number, additional valid email or any other contacts that you have mentioned.

3. Are there any limitations in age for the site’s members?

Yes, there are some. You aren’t allowed to use in case you are younger than 18 years. There are no other age limitations.

4. Have users got an opportunity to delete and change some info?

As for the modifications, they are easily done in the settings mode. So, you don’t need to bother. But the removal of particular information can be done only with the help of the support team assistance.

5. Payment security

All the transactions’ safety is guaranteed by the most functional processor, which is called

If any other questions appeared in your mind while reading this article, you may contact a support team and they will help you with everything.