Something secret about online dating

After rather painful broke up I was almost in a depression and only online communication changed my situation it distracted me from the everyday troubles, bothering and way more. I wanted to forget about my ex-girlfriend, but it was so difficult because she was my colleague. I met her every day and if I had relations at that time, it wasn’t a huge trouble. However, I was alone and these memories couldn’t leave me.

First idea that came in to my mind was gaming. Online casinos usually helped me with such situations. It didn’t worked for that case and I signed up on a dating platform. I’d chosen findbride, mostly because the women were from Russian and I had no variants of meeting them in real life. It was like a beautiful story for me with distant relations that won’t turn into reality. This fact destructed me greatly. So, I chatted with pretty Slavic girls and they were rather friendly to me.

In a month or so, I found several good friends and became really close to them. All of them searched for serious relations and marriage while I wasn’t looking for this. I was sincere in my intentions and didn’t hide anything. That’s why, two of the women stopped communication with me while others continued our friendly online relations.

We chatted every day and it became almost like a habit. I got sincere messages and true online friendship, which I wasn’t even expected. Day after day, I understood that Oksana was definitely my type of the lady. We felt so comfortable together and everything was just perfect. When suddenly, one day she told me that she was planning to meet a guy that she was also communicated with. I felt the jealousy immediately after her message. It was a crucial moment for me, when I understood that she was my type of the girl and I wanted something more serious.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t do anything, but the date went wrong. She shared everything about this fail and I spontaneously I asked her about our meeting. She was shocked the same as I was. No one expected such a reaction from me, but I asked what I was dreaming of and Oksana agreed.

I was so nervous prior our date and tried to plan everything ideally. I contacted with the site’s team and they assisted me in everything concerning trip organization. So, we met after a year of online communication and everything went smoothly. We spent almost a week together and after my return back home, I felt so lonely without her.

This week has changed my life greatly, I found my love and now another stage of my life was waiting for me. I started planning our farther acts. How we are going to live, when my love will be ready to move to my place and more.

Hope in a month or so, we will be together, but now we are just chatting online and waiting for our ideal live together.